This sous vide pulled pork recipe is completely versatile. Dress it up with any seasoning or rub. Then sear it, vacuum seal it, and cook it low and slow for a couple of days. The result? A super juicy hunk of meat, ready to turn into sous vide pulled pork tacos or BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.

Sous vide pulled pork

Fun fact: the widest part of a pig isn’t the booty, it’s the shoulder.

That’s why cooking pork shoulder sous vide style makes a meal that can feed a crowd. (it’s a great sous vide football party recipe and is a always popular at potlucks!)

Pulled pork sous vide leftover ideas

My favorite recipe to make with leftover sous vide pulled pork? A hearty, meaty pizza. I make a delicious BBQ pork, sous vide caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese pizza on store bought pizza dough.

Another great recipe to make with pork shoulder leftovers? Pulled pork nachos. I keep an extra stash of frozen jalapenos in my freezer at all times for impromptu nacho cravings. Mmm. Mmm.

Should you sear sous vide pork shoulder?

Yes, yes you should! After you seasoning the pork shoulder, sear it in a hot pan with olive oil to form a brown bark on all sides. Doing this before adding the pork to the sous vide bag adds a boatload of flavor to the pork.

Sous vide pulled pork temperature and time

Plan on a full 48 hour sous vide pork shoulder cooking time. Sous vide pulled pork for 24 hours may not completely fall apart at the sight of a fork.

For temperature, I popped sous vide pulled pork in the Anova at 165 degrees.

Don’t pass up the gravy from the sous vide bag

Reserve some pork juice from the bag to make a gravy. Cook it down on the stove and add a little BBQ sauce or hot sauce to give it an extra kick of flavor. For BBQ sauce, I’m pretty addicted to Cholula’s Chipotle hot sauce. It’s much different than the regular Cholula hot sauce most people have tried.

When I make this recipe, I top my sous vide carnitas tacos with avocado and an easy onion side dish

Check out my post on sous vide accessories to learn about tools that make long sous vide recipes easier to execute.

Your taco-loving, pulled pork sous vide cookin’ foodie friend, Jenna.

pulled pork sous vide pork for carnitas tacos or pulled pork sous vide sandwiches

Sous vide pork shoulder for tacos or sandwiches (Sip Bite Go)

This easy recipe for sous vide pork shoulder makes the best carnitas tacos and pulled pork sandwiches.
Course Dinner, Game Day
Cuisine American, BBQ
Keyword BBQ, Carnitas, Pork, Pork shoulder, Pulled pork, Sous vide, Tacos
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 days
Total Time 2 days 10 minutes
Servings 8 people
Calories 529 kcal


  • 3 lb pork shoulder
  • 3 tbsp bbq rub
  • 1 tbsp black pepper
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Heat sous vide bath to 165 degrees. Rub pork shoulder with BBQ rub and black pepper. Heat a pan to medium-high, add olive oil, and brown each side of the pork.
  2. Vacuum seal seared pork and cook in the sous vide bath for 48 hours. Pull apart pork with a fork and serve.

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Recipe Notes

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