Once you try this new way to cut and seed a bell pepper, you’ll never go back!

This new way to cut bell peppers into strips makes it easy to get all the “meat” off the pepper. It’s a great method to cut peppers for stir fry dishes and fajitas.  

So here’s how it’s done.

If you’re cutting bell peppers into strips, turn the pepper upside down. Chop off the stem if needed, so the top of the pepper is flush on the cutting board.

Then, work your way down each side of the pepper. Cut the outside skin of the pepper away from the seeds. In three to four chops, you’ll have large pieces of pepper to dice or slice into strips.

Cutting bell peppers this way eliminates the pepper seeds, without creating a mess. It saves time and makes use of a lot more of the pepper.

My life (with peppers) is now changed forever, how about you?!

Your pepper-loving, efficient veggie chopper friend, Jenna.

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