Sweet fried plantains are a treat!

Whip them up with only three ingredients in 10 minutes. Add fried plantains to salad bowls, serve sweet fried plantains as a dessert, or eat them as a healthy snack.

Green plantains won’t work for this recipe. If your plantains are green, store them in a paper bag for a couple days to turn them yellow-brown. The more ripe plantains are, the sweeter this recipe will be, without any added sugar.
All you need for this recipe is a plantain, butter and salt. They’re made on the stove, so grab a medium sized frying pan and set the burner to medium-high.
Surprisingly, ripened plantains aren’t easy to peel. To remove the skin, cut off the ends, then make a cut down the middle of the plantain. Peel the plantain skin off, then dice the fruit into 1″ discs.
Warning: fried plantains cook super fast!

You might think they are burned, but they are caramelizing. Dark brown edges usually taste great, so don’t ditch them if they seem a little over-done. Once they’ve caramelized on one side, flip them to fry the other side.

Sprinkle them with salt and serve.

If you make these ahead, you can create delicious plantain salad bowls. Try mixing them with ingredients in Brazilian, Cuban and Caribbean salad bowls. Plantains + avocados are a match made in heaven.

Your wanting to be whisked-away to a tropical destination, but will settle for eating plantains at home friend, Jenna.

roasting fried sweet plantain slices in a pan

Sweet fried plantains (Sip Bite Go)

This 10 minute sweet fried ripe plantains recipe (Platanos Maduros Fritos) is made with just 3 ingredients! It's a great fruit dessert, an easy healthy snack idea, and a delicious ingredient for healthy salad bowls! 

Course Appetizer, Dessert, lunch, Salad
Cuisine brazilian, caribbean, cuban
Keyword sweet fried plantains
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 people
Calories 212 kcal


  • 1 plantain ripe
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • Salt


  1. Cut ripe plantain into 1” chunks. Heat butter in a frying pan on medium-high and add fry plantains. Flip when plantains turn brown, and cook on the other side. To serve, sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

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Recipe Notes

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