Want to learn how to open a coconut? Here you’ll learn how to open a coconut step by step with a video guide. It just takes a few minutes to husk a coconut. This coconut husking demonstration video features the Maui Tropical Plantation.

There are numerous ways to open a coconut – depending on different tools you have available. This coconut opening demonstration uses a very simple sharp tool to pry a coconut open.

Did you know? Each coconut is opened individually. There’s no machine that can open coconuts, because the seed inside is always unique.

Cracking a coconut open this way requires a coconut husking tool. It only takes a few minutes until you have fresh coconut.

First, the outside of the coconut has to be removed with a sharp tool. Working around the circle of the coconut, the outside layer is pried off. The first few layers are tough, but once the coconut inside is found inside the husk, the coconut you’ll find in a grocery store is revealed.

Each coconut has a “face”. You can use an ice pick, screw driver or another sharp object to remove the liquid inside the coconut. The liquid is called “coconut water”. While it’s drinkable at any stage, it’s different than “coconut milk”. And, sometimes it’s more of a laxative! So, beware!

Once the liquid is drained, you can take a blunt object like a hammer or rock to hit a soft spot on the coconut. Hitting a coconut open should take less than a minute. Once a coconut crack forms, follow the crack around.

A super easy way to remove the coconut meat from the brown shell is to pop it in the freezer for a few hours. It will pop right out!

It was fun to see the food tour guide breaking a coconut in half. I got to keep a half and take a bunch of pictures before having lunch on at The Mill House on the pineapple plantation.

Your coconut-happy virtual tour guide, Jenna.

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