Does it snow in Portland, Oregon?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The heat is on, I’m draped in a green and white check scarf, and there’s snow all over the ground in Portland. Last year I missed it due to a trip back East, but this year I can confirm: it definitely snows in Portland, Oregon in December!


This video is the first snow of the 2016 Winter season, captured on 12/8/16. Usually in December and January. Since the Portland flood videos I shared on YouTube last year were popular, I’ve been taking Winter photos of Portland, Oregon to share with you…  

The first snow of December 2016

It accumulated quickly! In less than two hours I was able to make a little tiny snowman on a balcony in the Pearl District, which is in the NW area of PDX. There was a ton of wind, and his Oregon wine cork tree tipped over when I went to check on him….

Make your own DIY MINI SNOWMAN

Moving to Portland from San Francisco, this was the first snow I’ve seen in a while. So, naturally, I had to see if it would stick to make a snowman. I’m pretty happy with my little snow guy.

Want your own?

Here are tips to make your own DIY mini snowman with household items:

  • Eyes = whole peppercorns
  • Scarf = braided yarn (like a real scarf, right?)
  • Nose = carrot
  • Buttons = q-tips or whole peppercorns
  • Mittens = flowers
  • Hat = painted cotton ball (thanks for the tip on Facebook, Margaret!)
  • Tree = wine cork + Christmas tree branch
  • Garland = make your own garland with glue, circle punch outs, and string


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The best part of snow? It means the Starbucks gingerbread latte is in season. The worst part of the snow? I don’t feel like walking to Starbucks in this weather! If you make a mini snowman, I’d love to check it out. Leave a link below or tag me on Instagram @sipbitego.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and videos from NW Pearl District of PDX!

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