Were you given the honor to throw a bride-to-be her last night out as a single woman? Need some unforgettable, creative bachelorette party ideas? Here are alternative bachelorette party options for you to throw the best night (or day) ever.

Creative bachelorette party ideas

1. Spa day with the bride to be

Not every bachelorette party is a wild one. If you’re throwing a bachelorette party near the wedding date, a spa date is a great choice. Go for facials, massages, and treatments. Order catering and tea. And splurge on products to help the bride get ready for the wedding.

2. Make lingerie

Think sexy, but not stripper. DIY your own lingerie (or shirts) for a creative bachelorette party activity. This could go in a funny or crafty direction. Use beads, paint, and markers to decorate the lingerie. This can turn into a friendly contest. Pick the top funny or best-designed pieces. Have fun with it!

3. Rent a limo for fun

Book a limo or a party bus. If you’re avoiding the night-life scene, head out on a scavenger hunt or a shopping trip. Limos are so much fun, especially when you are with your girls. Don’t forget to stock it up with the bride’s favorite snacks and drinks.

4. Take your bride down memory lane

How about blending some fun and adventure with nostalgia? Create a retro theme for the day. Start from junior or high school. Take her to her favorite spots. Play her a mix of her favorite tunes. Take out a stash of old photos to reminisce. Eat sushi. Then go for ice cream. Let your bride soak up all the girl time before getting hitched.

5. Hire a private chef, or take a class

Help the bride to be get acquainted with tools on her registry. If your friend is a foodie, this is a fantastic activity. Book a private chef to make a special meal and give a cooking lesson. The bride can pick up a relaxing new skill while learning a recipe to impress her groom. Win-win.

What are your favorite non traditional bachelorette party ideas?

Help a future bride out. Share your thoughts on creative bachelorette party ideas below.

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