Figuring out how to balance an uneven bridal party can be frustrating.

Families and friend circles come in all shapes and sizes, which means that you and your future spouse may have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Want them all to stand beside you during your wedding ceremony?  Here you’ll find plenty of creative ideas to make your wedding party work.

How to balance an uneven bridal party

Space out the bridal party in photos

This is a tip for bridal party shots. Your photographer can help you use the space to set up shots that don’t highlight the uneven bridal party. The men and women can spread out evenly across the scene to make it less obvious.

Decide if you want them to double up or walk solo

Rearrange the traditional bridal procession to balance your bridal party. Here are ideas…

  • One bridesmaid can walk with two groomsmen or vice versa
  • Two bridesmaids or two groomsmen can walk together
  • Each bridal party member can walk solo
  • Have someone walk your dog (if they’re invited)

Mix up the ceremony lineup

There is no rulebook that says guys have to be behind the groom and the women behind the bride. Having an uneven number of groomsmen to bridesmaids is less noticeable if you mix them on both sides.

Having an uneven bridal party won’t ruin any pictures. That’s why you hired a professional photographer, right?

Are you worried what people will think if one side of the bridal party is shorter than the other? Guests understand. Families come in different sizes. And so do friend circles.

In modern weddings, the focus is more on the aesthetics and overall feeling than being matchy-matchy. Having exact numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids isn’t easy. So don’t freak out if you have to balance an uneven bridal party with these tips.

Have an idea to balance an uneven bridal party?

Brides would love to know – do you have a creative solution to balance a bridal party? Share in the comments below.

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