Sticky, sticky questions! Here’s a bunch of rude things people say to brides. Plus, tips for responding!

Today we’re talking dreaded wedding questions. Brides and grooms get them all the time, but how do you prepare for the rude things people say to brides? Without a heads up, many of these difficult questions can leave you embarrassed or angry.

What you can do is prepare for some of the most uncomfortable and sticky questions now. Then you can decide what to do if you’re faced with any of these rude questions during your engagement.


Why do people say rude things to brides?

People LOVE talking about weddings. It is such a special time in life, and there are going to be plenty of people who want to hear details or share their opinions. Most of these people are well-meaning and supportive.

Unfortunately, other times, it might feel like people are getting in your personal bubble. These people are why this list of rude things people say to brides exists. Some people are naturally more nosy or inconsiderate, and even the most well-wishing people can cross the line when showing interest. If this is the case, you may get asked one of these jaw-dropping questions below.

Rude things people say to brides

1. Are you ready for it?

This is a common one from unmarried people. This may be a projection of their fears and nothing else. Perhaps they are not ready for a long-term commitment. Sucks to be them. Lucky to be you. You got engaged. Don’t let them question your preparedness. Instead, you can decide to share how excited you are for your wedding day.

2. Are you having kids?

The moment you get married, people may expect you to make babies right off the bat. Deciding if you to have children and when is solely the concern of the couple. A great way to answer this one is: we’re our own family unit right now. Then ask them to pour you a glass of wine (wink).

3. Are you going to take his name?

This question can be completely awkward if you and your groom have yet to discuss this topic. The person asking this may not realize that there are a lot of reasons you may or may not take the name of your husband, and, you’re not obligated to share any of these reasons with them. This is a good one to figure out in advance.

4. Do you fit in your wedding dress?

There’s so much stress that comes with trying to look good for your big day. The only person who should comment on this subject is the seamstress. If you want to respond, one option is to respond with how beautiful you feel in your dress.


5. What are you spending on the wedding?

Oh, finances! What a fun topic to be questioned about!

Wouldn’t they be offended if you asked them a probing financial question? Depending on your comfort level, you may disclose a vendor price here or there.

But, be warned. Going into wedding price details may invite a flurry of follow-up questions. Or people nagging—er—helping you find a “better rate” with a vendor you don’t want.

Planning your wedding is an ideal time to stop disclosing financials with anyone who doesn’t need to know.

However, if you are getting assistance paying for the wedding, those people may feel entitled to know. In this case, decide which details you’ll share BEFORE accepting money. Don’t let anyone use supporting the wedding financially as an entry point to rude wedding questions.

Whew! People can be blunt! 


Have a plan to answer the rude things people say to brides…

While you might want to avoid all of these rude questions altogether, that might be impossible. Even the most well-meaning friends and acquaintances may ask you something that oversteps the line.

Instead of freezing up when asked these types of questions, let people know what you’re comfortable discussing. Decide what advice you’d like to hear (and not hear). Also, ask people for help. If your support team knows you will reach out for help when you need it, they might not offer it unsolicited.

This is an emotional and life-changing time in your life. Surround yourself with love and support,and enjoy it to the fullest.


Have you been asked a crazy wedding question?

Share the details on a wedding comment so inappropriate you didn’t know what to say? Readers would love to hear. Share below.

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