Does it snow in Portland, Oregon in December?

An answer to the frequently-asked PDX travel question: “Does is snow in Portland, Oregon?” + tips to make a DIY mini snowman.This video is the first snow of the 2016 Winter season, captured on 12/8/16. Usually in December and January. Since the Portland flood videos I shared on YouTube last year were popular, I’ve been taking Winter photos of Portland, Oregon to share with you… It accumulated quickly! In less than two hours I was able to make a little tiny snowman on a balcony in the Pearl District, which is in the NW area of PDX. There was a ton of wind, and his Oregon wine cork tree tipped over when I went to check on him….

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Wine camping quotes and gift ideas

Cheerful & funny wine camping quotes (+ gift ideas) for people who love camping and wine.In my opinion, being fully stocked with wine is more valuable than having a tent. After all, a tent can still leak! A bottle of wine will be perfect all night.Here’s a roundup of the clever wine and camping gift ideas for weddings, bridal showers, and new home presents:

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