Looking for ways to keep a wedding reception small? Here are ways to reduce your wedding guest size to have a small reception of 50 people, or whatever number you’re targeting.

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Invite only VIPs

This means you may not invite people to your wedding, even if they invited you to theirs. One way to figure out your VIPs is to think about who you’ve spoken to in the last 3 / 5 / 10 years. Because usually, the most important ones are still in touch.

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Limit kids to keep the wedding small

While some married couples may only know a few kids, others have family and friends with lots of small children. For different reasons, it may make sense to find ways to limit the number of kids. Other options include inviting kids that meet an age requirement (like 12+). Or only kids who are part of the bridal party (niece / nephew).

Limit plus ones for wedding guests

For couples with friends still in the dating scene, limiting +1s for guests can help. It’s all about deciding where your cutoff is. Do you only want people to come who are in an established relationship? What if you haven’t met their significant other?

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Write “requests” aka guest restrictions on the wedding RSVP card

Don’t forget to make any restrictions on adding guests or bringing kids clear on the invites. Remind people on your wedding website, too.

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Warning if you want to keep a wedding reception small

There are different ways to narrow a wedding guest list to 50 people – or whatever desired number you have. But don’t be surprised if people still create their own +1 or ask to include their children. Or mom. Or neighbor. Sometimes people need a reminder that it’s your day and your choice.

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