Congratulations for finding a perfect partner. It is an exciting time. But, it is completely normal if you feel stressed trying to balance work and wedding planning.

No need to worry, you are not the only one!

Even wedding planners hire wedding planners.

It can be overwhelming to add in the wedding checklist tasks to an already busy life. Plus, every job goes through busy seasons. You’re bound to feel overwhelmed from time to time while planning your wedding.

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How to balance work and wedding planning

If you’re hands-on with wedding planning, you may want to sneak wedding planning time in at work. So how can you stay committed to your job while tackling your wedding to-do list?

Yes. You can balance work while planning a wedding. The key is to build it into your routine. Mini 5-10 minute investments in wedding planning each day will help you make progress. Plus, there are simple ways to get organized and ask people for help.

Read on for tips that will help you balance your full time job with wedding planning.

Take breaks

Don’t skip lunch breaks. Even if you don’t often take a full hour, this is a busy time in your life. Take lunch breaks.

In some cases, you might have to switch up your routine. If you usually eat at your desk while working, coworkers or “urgent” emails may interrupt you from quality planning time during lunch.

Consider changing up your lunch break location. Go to a coffee shop to draft your invitations. Visit a store with bridal magazines to find your favorite wedding dress designers.


One easy way to determine your priorities is to follow a wedding planning timeline list. Decide the most significant things you need to do each week to stay on track. And if any part of planning

Use a free calendar + make a schedule

Does balancing work and wedding planning feel like it’s taking over your life? It can be stressful looking at a full calendar. It might be too much to keep one calendar to hold everything for work, personal, and wedding planning priorities.

Here’s a solution for staying on top of wedding deadlines. Use a calendar for only wedding assignments. Leave it in a place you check at the same time each day.

stress free wedding planning DIY advice bridal magazines

Organize yourself on Pinterest

Make the most of down time at work with Pinterest. Start Pinterest boards for each thing you need to research. You can keep them private or share them with your bridal party. Post your favorite wedding dresses, floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, etc. Pin to these boards over time so you have a catalog of ideas available so you can make wedding decisions.

This is helpful for brides still deciding their theme and colors and overall wedding preferences. Pinning for a few minutes a day will help reveal your style and preferences. Here’s the Garden Wedding Pinterest board that collected all of my wedding inspo. (I still love looking and pinning to that board)

Having individual boards makes it easier to work with vendors, too. Share boards with florists, dress consultants, makeup artists and manicurists.

Attend wedding expos

Find wedding expos in your area to save time wedding planning. At a typical expo, you can sample many different wedding cakes and caterers and sign up for registries at Macy’s and Bed Bath Beyond.


Planning a wedding tests your ability to ask for help when you need it. It requires you to be very, very communicative during the whole process. The more you can rely on others, the less stressed you’ll be. People in your life most likely want to help. Your job is to utilize them. Don’t know what you need help with? Tell them what’s next up on your wedding planning list and see if they have any ideas. And just because you take opinions, don’t feel required to use them.

Don’t underestimate wedding planning fatigue. Even the most creative people can get burnt out.

Make lots of dates while wedding planning

Remember why you said “Yes”.

Engaged life has to be more than work and wedding planning. Take a break from all the planning and schedule regular and fun couples activities. Make sure you have plenty of free time to enjoy engaged life. And attend plenty of cake tastings.

Good luck on your journey to balance work and wedding planning! Make sure to check out the wedding section to get more wedding planning tips.

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