Wedding contests and giveaways 2017

Even if you never win anything, it’s worth entering wedding contests and giveaways. 2017 is no different. Brides can score almost anything. Prizes include bridal earrings, free bridesmaid dresses, dream honeymoons and help with other costly wedding necessities.

Check out upcoming wedding contests here on Sip Bite Go and enter to win this month’s event below.

What you could win in various wedding giveaways online and in person

There are all types of wedding contests and giveaways for engaged couples. All sorts of companies offer wedding contests. Megabus is currently offering an unconventional prize. The winner will receive a chunk of cash ($2,500) and a wedding ceremony on a Megabus.

The most common wedding giveaways have prizes ranging from $100-$500. Some wedding contests last a week, others go on for 6 months. Enter early and often.

Popular prizes include decor, bakeware, bridal party attire and honeymoons. But, before you get started, don’t forget to sign up for a second email address to make it easier to sort the prize emails.

Free wedding giveaways 2017

If you’re looking for new 2017 wedding contests to help you cut costs on your wedding day, here are my favorite resources.

Wedding giveaways on social media

Twitter is an excellent resource for finding new wedding contests to enter. New giveaways pop up all the time. It’s a good place to check weekly. Search Twitter for wedding contests and giveaways with phrases like “bridal contest” “wedding contest” “wedding giveaway” and “free honeymoon”. Find out about new wedding contests on Twitter by following @sipbitego and @weddingcontests.

Find Instagram wedding contests with hashtags #weddingprize #weddinggiveaway and #bridalcontest.

Enter wedding expo contests

This isn’t a myth. The odds are pretty decent for wedding expo contest. About 25-50% of vendor booths have entries to win free products or services. In-person contests are great for picking up stationary in particular. The first wedding expo I attended paid for itself. I won 100 free gourmet cupcakes from St. Cupcake in Portland.

Before the event, print out address labels with your name, phone number, email and wedding date on them. This is usually all the info the entry forms request. You’ll be able to fly through the wedding expo while entering every contest you like.

Many wedding expos also run separate online contests before the event, so check there too.

Wedding giveaways on blogs

Enter wedding contests on blogs like Wedding Bee and Getting Married. Subscribe to Sip Bite Go’s email newsletter (in the side bar) for new contest announcements.

Wedding gift registry contests

Gift registries regularly run contests to incentivize brides to sign up. Big companies like Macy’s offer high-ticket items like Kate Spade dinnerware. If you’re going to register anyways, might as well enter through a wedding registry contest. Search the store name + registry contest to find ones to enter.

Whether you’re always a winner or have yet to score something big, it’s worth entering wedding contests. Check back for updates on wedding contests and giveaways.

Have you entered any bridal contests? Any tips or winnings to share?

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