From time to time, you can get a $25 Stitch Fix discount code when you sign up. If that offer is still available when you’re checking in 2018, here’s how you’ll find it. 

The Stitch Fix discount code seems to come and go throughout the year. Hopefully it is still available when you read this post via the  affiliate links listed in this post to sign up for Stitch Fix. 

If you’re not sure yet, scroll on to see videos + photos of my favorite pieces from my personal Stitch Fix stylist. I love it so much, my husband gets Stitch Fix for men, too! We were able to use the $25 Stitch Fix discount code for signing both of us up. 

You don’t have to purchase anything to take the FREE STYLE QUIZ they offer.

How does Stitch Fix know what to send you?

With Stitch Fix, you get a personal stylist to build your wardrobe. 

They can find you outfits to match your personal style based on the free style quiz you fill out when you sign up. Another way to let them know your style is to pin examples of what you like on a Pinterest board.

Things to request from your stylist:

  • Dresses for weddings, parties and special events
  • Office-appropriate looks
  • Honeymoon clothes
  • Casual weekend wear
  • Date night outfits

If you don’t have a special request, they’ll send you things you’ve liked in the past. Here’s an example of a Pinterest style board used to request outfits from a Stitch Fix stylist.

Below are outfits you can pin to request from your Stitch Fix stylist…


Take the free Stitch Fix style quiz

Ready to get styled? Take the free Stitch Fix style quiz.



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