Endless play + charm at a vintage arcade in SF Hidden in plain sight, Musée Mécanique makes the most of your pocket change. Cut through the lively heart of Fisherman’s Wharf to enter Musée Mécanique, a large and historic family-owned vintage arcade. This nostalgic “happy place” is free to enter and far less crowded than traditional San Francisco tourist attractions. Musée Mécanique in Fisherman’s Wharf, SF Freely stroll around and admire the vintage arcade for free, or chip in 25 cents here and there to test out the love, strength, and kissing meters. Treat your eyes to tantalizing picture viewers of Marilyn Monroe in a full-piece bathing suit and a reenactment of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Or, get sporty as you test your physical endurance with the arm wrestler machine and challenge your company to dueling Skee-ball machines.

  • Have good ol’ fun. Musée Mécanique is proof that technology isn’t required to have a great time. Enjoy simple fun with the huge assortment of picture viewers, skee-ball machines and vintage wooden arcade games.
  • Souvenir shoppers rejoice. Snatch an awesome souvenir in the vending-machine gift shop on the way out.
  • Meaningful mementos. Score unique souvenirs at Musée Mécanique. Smoosh your own San Francisco penny, pile up your friends and family in the photo booth for a photo strip pic, and hit up the vending machine “gift store” on your way out.
  • Picturesque view. In addition to capturing the all the fun you have inside the venue, make sure to exit through the back to capture unobstructed views of Alcatraz from Pier 47.
  • Get change there. Bring your spare quarters or convert dollars to change inside the arcade.

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