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Never forget how to cook easy sous vide recipes again. 

“There’s no more ‘winging it’ with expensive ribeyes and recipes with long cook times. Every time I cook a sous vide recipe and love how it turns out, I immediately record it in the sous vide recipe tracker. My brain can only hold so much – haha.”  – Jenna, founder,

This free printable sous vide recipe tracker holds your exact formulas in one place. Capture the dish, time, and temperature for all your go-to sous vide recipes. Plus, there’s a place for notes, so you can record any final steps, seasoning preferences, and notes on portions. 

“This tracker is the easiest way to record your favorite sous vide recipes to make them again. Wish I had it sooner.”

– Peter

It’s free and ready to print. 

You can print as many copies as you want. Hang it on your fridge, keep it with your sous vide accessories, or store it with your recipe collection for easy access when you want to whip up something delicious with your sous vide machine. How else will you remember all those time/temp combos for sous vide chicken, steak, vegatables, eggs and dessert recipes? 

“Now I don’t have to guess the time and temp that worked last time… which is really important. I want my dinner to turn out ALL the time. When I’m cooking sous vide for just the two of us, or for a party.” 
– Amanda

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