Sous vide cooking is addictive! Once you feel confident in your sous vide skills, you’ll quickly move on to experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Fruits. Limoncello. Pickles. Meatballs. It’s seriously fun to play with food.

The recommended sous vide accessories in this guide build upon a basic sous vide equipment setup. The list includes affiliate links.

Essential sous vide accessories

Sous Vide Water Balls

These help to minimize evaporation from the sous vide water bath. Sous Vide Water Balls also help heat up your water bath more quickly and can be used with different water containers. The mesh bag helps these dry easily.

Sous Vide Cooking Water Balls with clips + bag

Great for overnight recipes. Set and forget your sous vide with these water balls, clips and dry bag.

Sous Vide Clips to hold food in place

These clips keep sous vide bags in place without taking up much room. They’re clipped to the side of the sous vide container.

Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches

BPA-free sous vide cooking bags to store food.

Sous Vide Bags Kit with BPA Free Vacuum Sealer Bags

These bags include a pump that sucks out the air from the bag.

Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack

This sous vide cooking rack allows you to line up packs of chicken, steaks, and vegetables to cook a large batch at a time.

EVERIE Sous Vide Container with Hinge Lid for Anova Cookers

Using a sous vide container lid is an instant upgrade. It makes it easier to set and forget food in the sous vide, since the lid retains a lot of heat. Great for overnight cooking.

Sous Vide Container that works with all Sous Vide Machines

This sous vide container is large enough for a 3-5LB piece of meat.

Cambro square Food Storage container

There’s plenty of room to cook a big batch of eggs with this set up. This product is used in sous vide recipe photos on Sip Bite Go.

Ikea Variera Pot Lid Organizer

This Ikea sous vide cooking rack expands to fit a variety of sous vide containers.

Can’t get enough sous vide? Check out these sous vide cookbooks to inspire your next meal.

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