I received a bogus startup email solicitation

Or, at least the most expensive. 

Months ago I registered to take a class at a workshop in SF to learn how to design some 3d model things (all the rage, right? I just wanted to make cookie cutters…). The class fell through because the required signup quota wasn’t met (or something).

Never heard from them again until today when I received a very lengthy email about an “opportunity to invest” in the company. The letter was from the CEO (wow, a personal email to me? little ol’ me?). And it referenced the President of the United States talking about the company’s positive influence on the economy (that basically counts as a testimonial, right?).

Be careful what #startup email lists you're on - this one asked me for $25k! haha. https://sipbitego.com/bogus-startup-email/

I’m used to people asking for money for a $200-$2,000 product via email, but I mean, if you’re requesting north of $20k you might want to pick up the phone. There shouldn’t be an indication in their email settings that I am the desired recipient of this campaign. I don’t even think it makes sense to donate to your college until your school loans are paid off. (and I actually did go to those classes – most of them, anyways)

On the bright side…

Now, I’ve heard it’s possible to turn any situation into a positive one by taking a moment to dig deep within yourself and ask, “hmm, what can I learn from this?” I’ll jump in here and guess the major takeaway from this bogus $25k email request is to know who the hell your recipients are and what they want to hear from you. On the recipient side, I’ve made a note to double check the strength of my email filters. I’ll probably get to that task… never. (I have a bottomless pit check list for tasks like that)

In defense of this email

What if this is a situation where the CEO got a little carried away and requested access to the email software? Maybe he is just a little charmer that wanted to be the first person to ask unsuspecting and unlikely people to invest in his company. It’s definitely memorable. Like someone who buys you your first drink. (I reference this because I recently bought my 22 year old brother his first martini: a jalapeño martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. Ga-rose, but he liked it. And made it his profile pic. What a great big and much, much older sister I am.)

Please don’t email me requesting $25k, kthanks

If you do, include your address so I can send you the $100 startup book or something. Actually, I’ll just look up your local library and send you directions to pick up the book yourself. (because I have to save up for this lifetime investment I just heard about….).

Now, how about those cookie cutters? I’m actually quite jazzed to explore learning how to make them again.

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